• Seasonal Items

    Indulge in our ever-changing and innovative dishes that push culinary boundaries. Our seasonal items features creative creations that evolve regularly, showcasing our passion for culinary innovation.

  •  Seasonal Items

    Crispy Rainbow Steak $17.50

    Tender strips of steak, battered and fried, then coated in our homemade sweet and sour chili sauce and top with sesame seeds.

    Crispy Duck

    (Half) $20.00

    (Whole) $35.00

    A harmony of tender meat and irresistible crispy skin. Each bite offers succulence and satisfying crunch in perfect balance.

    Hot & Sour Wonton Soup $12.50

    Delicate wontons, savory broth, and a harmony of spiciness and tanginess await, creating a truly tantalizing culinary adventure.

    Sesame Balls (10) Jian Dui $6.00

    Crispy, golden-brown Chinese dessert filled with luscious red bean paste, made from rice flour. Enjoy the delightful contrast of textures and flavors in this popular treat, perfect for festive occasions and everyday indulgence.

    Korean Sweet and Sour Pork (Tangsuyuk) $17.50

    Korean Style Sweet and Sour Pork. Crispy Pork, coated in a delightful sweet and sour Korean-inspired sauce. It's a taste sensation that'll leave you craving more.

    Fried Bean Curd with Pork $17.50

    Tender sliced bean curd and savory pork, lightly fried to perfection and bursting with flavor

    Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice $18.50

    Delicious classic dish! Taste the perfect combination of salted fish and tender chicken pieces, bringing rich flavors and textures in every bite.

    Egg Tofu $19.50

    Silky smooth egg tofu paired with savory mushrooms and tender pork.

  • Sesame String Beans

    Chilled crisp-tender string beans coated

    with a savory homemade sesame sauce

    Sesame Tofu

    Chilled tofu topped with a savory

    homemade sesame sauce

    Shrimp Toast

    Crispy and golden chinese donut topped

    with a flavorful mixture of shrimp

    Taiwanese Calamari

    Crispy calamari rings seasoned with a

    fragrant blend

    Chili Pork Dumplings

    Filled with seasoned ground pork, served

    with a spicy and savory chili oil sauce

    Lotus Root Chips

    Crispy chips made from thin slices of lotus

    root, deep-fried to golden brown

    Beijing Noodles

    Hand-pulled noodles topped with a savory sauce, ground pork, vegetables, and garnished with shredded cucumbers and pickled bean sprouts

    Crispy Pork Belly

    Crispy pork belly coated with a homemade

    lemongrass chili sauce