• Drinks

    Explore our menu, sip by sip, and discover a world of flavor

  • Non Alcoholic

    Refreshment without the buzz

    Coca Cola $2.50

    Diet Coca Cola $2.50

    Sprite $2.50

    Ginger Soda $2.50

    S. Pellegrino Sparking Water $3.50

    Lipton Sweet Ice Tea $4.50

    Simply Lemonade $4.50

  • Signature Cocktails

    Bold flavor awaits, spice up your night, and elevate your taste buds with our signature cocktails

    Lemon Lavender Sangria

    Chardonnay, Lemon, Lavender, Club Soda

    Sake Sangria

    Dry Sake, Lemon, Lychee, Honey, Club Soda

    Shiba Inu

    Nigori, Grapefruit 

    Sake Lemon Drop

    Lemon, Dry Sake, Honey

    Orange Breeze

    Nigori, Orange, Sparking Water

    Party time

    Shochu, Strawberry Nigori, Lemon, Honey

  • CoedoBeers

    Taste the craftsmanship in every sip


    Tsing Tao $5.50

    Brewed using a prolonged fermentation process to create a crisp, refreshing beer with malty aroma and a well-balanced taste

    Beniaka $5.50

    Brewed with roasted sweet potato from Japan. With the aroma of caramal, sweet potato and hop

    Ruri $5.50

    Super premium pilsner with a nice white contrast of soft foam and a clear golden color.

    Marihana (Hop Flower) IPA $5.50 

    Fancy citrusy aroma of the fragrant hops. The aroma is carefully extracted through the rich amount of hops

    Shikkoku (Black) $5.50

    With a jet black appearance, this beer offers a smoky espresso aroma that results in a light, smooth and mild taste

    Shiro $5.50

    A smooth non-filtered wheat beer with a cloudy but bright golden hue. This white beer has a sweet, fruity aroma with banana and cloves

    Kyara $5.50

    A pristine light copper hue with a pleasant aroma of malts, hops, white grape and citrus.

  • Eos Wine

    Experience the taste of elegance - Savor every sip of our exquisite wines.


    Glass 9oz $6.00 Bottle $35.00








  • Sake

    Experience the smooth and delicate flavor of our premium sake

    Strawberry Nigori 300ml $18.50

    It’s elegant, creamy, and very strawberry, on a balanced and gentle flow. Think strawberry water, and then taste the creaminess blended in, and you get a very fun sake from first sip to the strawberry goodbye.

    Kurosawa Nigori 300ml $18.50

    The first whiff is one of fruity sweetness, and the marble-white color hints at what’s to come. The medium-to-full body of this sake delivers as promised the flavor is an alluring mix of sweet fruit and creamy umami. 

    Kagatobi $18.50

    Dry, full-bodied sake with a hint of pleasant yogurt aroma. It has a perfect balance of body and acidity, with a very sharp finish.  

    Otokoyama 300ml $21.00

    The greatest dry taste junmai-shu in Otokoyama is characterized by subtle sourness and sharpness. This name originated from the Ukiyo-e of "Seichugisinmeimeikagami"(Utagawa Kuniyoshi who drew a drink of Otokoyama drinking by Ako roshi). With its aroma of rice and a hint of fruits. Full-bodied, dry sake with deep taste.

    Okunomatsu 300ml $24.00

    International Wine Challenge 2018 Champion Sake

    The moment you taste this sake, you will experience a refreshing Ginjo flavor that spreads throughout your mouth and leaves a refreshing aftertaste. Ginjo sake is known for its complexity, depth, range of interesting and diverse flavors and, above all, its balance between acidity and sweetness. 

    Homare Black Label (Premium) 720ml $90.00

    IWC 2015 Champion sake

    Intense aromatic style. Refreshing mango, jack fruit, tropical, cassis. Soft round integrated sake, well-balanced sugar. It goes well with sashimi tuna, sea urchin, and pink shrimp.

    Onikoroshi (Premium) 720ml $90.00

    It is a clear Junmai Daiginjo with a delicate aroma of ripe fruits, velvety texture, and finishes on a sharp, crisp note. Its elegance makes it stand out as a delightful sake. Warm it up to broaden the already delicious aroma.

    Kirishima Soju (Premium) 720ml $40.00

    Kuro Kirishima recreates the flavor of that first black koji-based shochu.

    The black koji creates a round sweetness, with a distinctly crisp aftertaste. Most refreshing served on the rocks, offering enjoyment of the delicate aroma.

  • Desserts

    Indulge in Sweet Moments: Desserts that Delight

    Ice Cream

    Chocolate or Vanilla

    $3.00 / scoop

    Mochi Ice Cream

    Inquire about flavors

    $4.50 / 2 pc

    Hokkaido Sweet Cake

    Soft sweet roll cake

    $8.00 / 2 pc

    Matcha Cheesecake

    Serve with side of sweet red bean


    Green Tea Tiramisu

    Serve with side of sweet red bean